School Personal Safety Strategies
MISSING:  Robert Romero
Are your students prepared to protect themselves from everyday dangers, bullying, internet stalkers, muggers, rapists or abduction?

Do your students know:

-The best way to avoid falling injuries on the playground?
-The safest place to walk on the way to or from school?
-How to avoid looking like a potential victim when passing a group of strangers or bullies?
-How to protect themselves from a physical attack without the need to strike back?
-How to escape attempts to grab or control them?
-Simple techniques that can stop an attack in its tracks, and works on anyone regardless of size?
-What to do when confronted with more than one attacker?
-What to do if they are abducted?

Tested training program:
  Since 1992, Personal Safety Strategies programs have been used as part of school curriculums, teaching students the mental and physical skills neccessary to prepare themselves to survive in today's world.
    You will learn "How" to teach personal safety skills by incorporating our tested teaching methods with your teaching style.

"Every 40 seconds in the United States, a child is reported missing or abducted"
-National Crime Information Center, Oct. 2002

"In a 1998 study of parents worries by pediatricians, nearly three-quaters of parents said they feared their children might be abducted"
-Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

What our participants are saying:

“I can feel less like a victim and more the person in control.”
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