Training Personal Safety Strategies
MISSING:  Farryn Lynn Townson
Training options to meet your needs:
Offered as one day "hands-on" workshops, attendees will master all of the individual physical techniques neccessary to institute an age appropriate personal safety curriculum with their students. Our series of graduated training programs start with the beginning skills necessary at all ages and continue with programs for upper elementary, middle school, and high school. Each covers age appropriate skills for its target group as well as lecture materials and handouts.

With our "turn-key" program you will have the practice, knowledge, resources and confidence to begin training your own students as soon as you return to your classroom.

Who should attend:
The Integrative personal safety program can be delivered through a variety of student programs. Therefore this training is appropriate for:

  • Health / physical education teachers
  • After school staff
  • Community groups
  • Life skills teachers
  • Anyone seeking to improve their own safety skills
  • Elementary teachers
  • Parents

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What our participants are saying:

“Materials presented and knowledge was very good and appropriate for work as well as the outside world. Knowledge was tremendous, scenarios realistic, thank you.”
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